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Keyword Tools – Keyword research is one of the first things to consider before launching a website or even an ad campaign. Research your niche and choose the right keywords to zero in on your customers.

Search Engine Optimization And Web DevelopmentSEO is key to driving traffic to your site through the search engines. Learn how to optimize your site with these tools and products to gain a top ranking in the search engines.

Link Management – Getting links back to your site is key for page rank and search engine rankings.

Article  Marketing And SubmissionAnother great source for links and traffic is writing and submitting articles.

List Building Some of the most responsive network marketing leads I have ever purchased are here.

seo tools

Marketing, Advertising And Sales Tracking

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Search Engine Optimization

is about relevant and unique content and links back to your site. Use these tools to measure your exactness of speech as seen by Tendenci.

1) Keyword Density Analyzer – What is your page REALLY about?

URL (include http://)
Include HTML Title Meta Keywords Meta Description
Ignore words of Ignore Stop Words (recommended)

2) Search Engine Spider Simulator – What does your page look like to a search engine?


3) Keywords. How do other people describe your content?

  1. Keyword Counts from Wordtracker Free Trial
  2. Keyword Bids (Free)
  3. Keyword Research

4) Links to your site. Do others think this content is important?

  1. Market Leap Link Back Calculator
  2. Anchor Text Analysis

5) Customer Focused Text – Are you really focused on your visitor?

Company Name as stated on the site:
(you can list more than one variation(s) on the company name, separated by commas)

     Future Now Inc: We-We Test for customer focus:

6) Are You A Spammer? – Did someone before you get your content banned?

Do NOT use white text on a white background, or off page layers, or link farms, or let any other “clever” ideas cause your site to be permanently banned. That would be bad. Don’t cheat.

motoricerca search engine spam detector

7) Google Analytics – Can I track my site statistics?

Google Analytics provides a great way for you to track your website statistics, and it’s free. It has a variety of features to help you identify how people get to your site, what keywords were searched, how long users were on the site, etc.For more information about Google Analytics, visit Google Analytics.

8) Other Tools you may find helpful

  1. Keyword Analysis of the related page (SEO Tools)
  2. W3 HTML Validator (Well Structured Scores Better)
  3. View HTTP Headers – option 1 (delorie)
  4. View HTTP Headers – option 2 (
  5. Keyword Density Analyzer (Search Engine World)
  6. Search Engine Spider Simulator (Search Engine World)
  7. More Search Engine Spider Simulators on google
  8. Bruce Clay Search Engine Rank page SE Relationship Chart
  9. Search Engine SPAM detector check on your competition – do NOT do it
  10. Overture Advertiser Center (Keyword Checker Links)
  11. WordTracker – keyword suggestion tool
  12. Keyword Discovery – keyword research tool
  13. Readability Test for Your Web Site

The most common SEO/SEM mistake we see with Tendenci sites is people using CMS for content that should be posted in these modules: calendar events, articles, releases, directory listings or others. Please only use CMS for “one off” type content. If it is an article, post it to the articles module and let the system handle stating exactly what the content is. If you have good content it will work out just fine. Articles in particular will score well on the articles list view page if you link it! – Thanks – the PGM team.