Social Media Optimization – Fine Tuning Your Site for Maximum Visibility and Engagement

We’ve started a blog. Now what?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a vital component to your online social media marketing plan.  Actually, maybe the word ‘vital’ isn’t the best term to use.  Perhaps ‘so incredibly important we can’t even put it into mere human words’ is a bit better.

Not to be confused with a Search Engine Optimization plan (although SEO is certainly a complementary and highly suggested service), an SMO campaign works with your Web site and social media components to help your organization be found, be linked to from other blogs and sites and to be a strong contributor and resource in your online community.

Your Social Media Marketing plan requires regular maintenance, updates and connections.  Some of I.A.M. Brands’s Social Media Optimization services include:

  1. Help you regularly and frequently add optimized, well-linked content on your social media sites
  2. Tweak your links and tags to increase your findability online through traditional and social media search (with specialized engines like Technorati)
  3. Follow the buzz online about your organization and campaign
  4. Develop personalized interactive marketing techniques to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities
  5. Enable you to connect with your visitors, competitors and community members through comments, links and other methods of online participation to organically grow your user-base
  6. Work with you to track and capitalize on traffic and visitor trends
  7. Maintain awareness of social marketing events and trends to help you gain maximum exposure with your target audience

Don’t have a Blog, podcast or social media plan in place yet?  Talk to us about starting off with a Social Media Optimization plan for your organization’s Web site to get your current online presence ready to rumble.

Social Media Consulting brings a powerful double-punch of tech savvy public relations and effective communication technology to your organization’s Web marketing plan.

I.A.M. Brands’s Social Media Consulting expands your organization’s outreach to an enormous online audience and enables you to interact with your visitors through engaging rich media and online conversation.

Social Media Consulting Action Plan

I.A.M. Brands can help you prepare and implement a Social Media Marketing Plan by:

  • Strategic brainstorming – is this even the right course for you?
  • What you need to know about social media
  • Defining success in the Social Web world
  • Connecting you with good online and book resources
  • Teaching online culture , simple stuff like disclosure, linking out, “yes, and” and other ways to play nice in a post-Cluetrain Manifesto world
  • Blog set up and content collaboration
  • Help you build a presence on social web sites like
  • – more than photo sharing, a photo community
  • – finding and recommending newsworthy items
  • Ning – Create your own social networking site on your own domain name
  • – flickr for videos
  • – teens and music
  • – reaching the college crowd
  • – public relations online
  • Twitter – communicating with the world by answering ‘what are you doing now’?
  1. Integrate the basics of Search Engine Marketing

    • Reporting – Configure statistics for
    • feeds
    • blogs
    • web sites
    • assets like photos and videos on other web sites
    • Consulting on how to monetize your activity
    • How to set up a podcast (this one isn’t for everyone, and we’ll help you figure out if it’s for you)
    • Cross promotion of video and audio assets you may already have
    • Design for beauty versus design for entertainment versus design for sales.

Given our focus on disclosure, we want to point out most of this information is available for free in books and through training. Yet there is some efficiency in having a dedicated and experienced guide.

If this is something you are interested in, please remember :

  1. I.A.M. Brands does not impersonate – we train and help your organization engage in online conversations yourself
  2. We believe in disclosure – honesty is always the best policy

A Few Social Media Web Sites

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myspace PRWeb Club penguin Second life