Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a specific online marketing strategy based on utilization of online social media sites i.e. Twitter, Digg, YouTube, StumbleUpon, etc. Over the couple of years, hundreds of thousands of people have started spending their time on different social media sites. Social networking sites have already become a hotspot for targeted people who might be interested in what your company offers.  I.A.M. Brands offer a wide range of Social Media Marketing services including:

Facebook: “Traffic Rank 2

  • Creating a Fan Page.
  • Giving your page an aesthetic design that will create a “WOW” effect.
  • Customized Landing page.
  • Adding targeted followers.
  • Interacting with fans.
  • Giving wall posts and driving traffic to your site.
  • Exciting article or wall post.

Linked In: “Traffic Rank 29

  • Creating account.
  • Targeting hundreds of groups for web promotion.
  • Driving thousands of traffic to your website every day.

Twitter: “Traffic Rank 11

  • Creating a twitter account.
  • Designing twitter page professionally.
  • Adding thousands of targeted followers.
  • Making tweets.
  • Shortening long URL with
  • Giving tweets to drive instant traffic to your site.
  • Interacting with followers.
  • Retweeting and sending direct message.

My Space: “Traffic rank 26

  • Creating account.
  • Adding targeted/non targeted friends.
  • Status update with link to drive direct traffic.
  • Creating Bulletin and sharing that to raise awareness.

You Tube: “Traffic rank03”

  • Creating a You Tube video channel.
  • Designing the channel aesthetically.
  • Uploading videos.
  • Focusing on Keyword optimized Title in order to get more views.
  • Maintaining the channel and interacting with subscribers.

Digg: “Traffic rank 114

  • Creating account.
  • Adding friends.
  • Bookmarking your blog post or so.
  • Choosing catchy Title to get more visibility.

Stumble Upon: “Traffic rank181”

  • Creating account.
  • Adding targeted followers.
  • Bookmarking blog posts.

Tagged: “Traffic rank 181

  • Adding friends.
  • Giving fans update.
  • Great space for marketing.

Social Media Aggregators:

  • Hootsuite
  • Friendfeed.
  • Flock