Brand Identity

When you hire I.A.M. Brands to create your corporate identity, we make sure that your brand stands out and is remembered by your target market.

Once you have your logo design, you can immediately start to spread it among your business associates and contacts through customized corporate ID package design.

The process enables you to brand everything from letterheads to envelopes in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

  • I.A.M. Brands’s Corporate ID Package includes customized:
    Business card,
    Letterhead and
    Envelope design
  • Business cards
    Business cards remain the number one way of initiating memorable business relationships. Your card will be retained by prospective clients and peers long after your first meeting. It is therefore essential that your business card is designed reflects your professional identity accurately. At I.A.M. Brands our graphic specialist are dedicated to achieving precisely that.
  • Letterhead and envelope design
    Ensure that your written communication promotes your company identity in a distinctive way that is stylish and distinctive. A unified letterhead and envelope design gives the right impression to your current and prospective clients. With the help of I.A.M. Brands you can show that you are a professional and focused business.
  • Folder Design
    Customized corporate ID package and folders provide the finishing touch to your company’s image. Make sure to differentiate your company from the competition with the aid of eye-catching and meaningful customized Corporate ID Package design, created by our in-house graphics team.
    Sometimes the simplest marketing tools are the most effective. Let I.A.M. Brands help you find the design that best illustrates your unique corporate identity today.
  • Includes
    -Logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope design
    -Unlimited concepts
    -Unlimited revision rounds
    -1-3 designers
    -Initial logo concepts in 3-5 business days
    -Initial Corp ID package concepts in 48 hours
    -Full color CMYK or Pantone
    -Account manager as single point of contact
    -100% original designs
  • What You Receive
    -Initial concepts in 1-3 business days
    -Revised concepts in 24 hours
    -Final files provided in Adobe Illustrator ready for printing jpg; gif for web use
    -100% satisfaction